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Originally opened in April 2006, Toxic Recording became known as a great recording studio with great prices. It had a great comfy vibe, all the right gear and a very knowledgable set of engineers. The
problem was the tracking room was the only isolation area. In May 2013 owner Jason Hallack decided to rectify that issue. A two and a half month completeremodel of the facility has transformed the old poor layout in the studio to include the now even better control room, the updated tracking room, plus a new vocal booth and a guitar cabinet isolation booth. Before the remodel great recordings were a possibility. Nowtracking an entire band at the same time to capture the live energy and vibe is what takes our latest work to the next level.

We pride ourselves on working on projects of all types and budgets. We have tracked everything from Acoustic Guitar/Vocals to Ear Piercing Metal, Self Help CD sets to New Age, Hip/Hop to Jazz,beginers to seasoned vetrans of the music scene.

If you any questions about work we have performed or how we can make your project the best it can be feel free to ask.