the Toxic Recording Staff

Jason Hallack - owner/lead engineer -Opened Toxic Recording in 2006 -Formal training from Mesa Community College incuding recording classes (under Andy Seagle and Chant Peck) Live Sound, Music Business, Aural Perceptoon and Music Theory -Has over 15 years experience in the recording field -Has worked with numberous clients and has several albums in his credits including Hellen’s “Sorry for Screaming” and Detox’s “Through the Eyes of the Hau

nted” as well as a large number of other demos, E.P.s, and albums in a range of styles Jon Watkins - audio enginner -Started engineering at Toxic in 2010 -Formal training from Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences which included training on digital audio workstations, mixing consoles of all types, mic placement, music business and so much more. -has worked on numberous projects from mellow acoustic rock to ear peircing metal and everything in between. Jon has Hellen’s “Sorry for Screaming” in his credits along with a large number of demos and E.Ps