The current studio rate is $45/hr. This includes ... -the studio, -access to all of our gear -an engineer This hourly rate applys to setup, tracking and mixing time. We do have a 1 hour minimum and all time must be booked in advance We also offer a full day rate of $400. This gets you a full 10 hour day at a discounted rate. We also now do MASTERING Please click the AAM logo in the right side header for details Top 5 Ways to save $$$ in the studio 1. Make sure the songs you are going to record are well reheased. Aviod tracking the songyou wrote yesterday. You don’t know it. It will blow a hole in your budget and most groups regret not working out the details first 2. Don’t bring a huge entourage with you. They may want to see the studio but they are a distraction and will cost you $$$. When there are distractions in the studio it makes us some extra cash but leaving them home will be better for your wallet. 3. Make sure your drummer can play to a metranome. Many groups have wasted hour after hour while their drummer tries to figure it out. Drummers, get a metranome and figureit out on your time.4. Get to the studio on time. We as most studio start the clock at the time booked, not when you arrive. If you get here a touch early we ussually start early and don’t charge for that little bit of extra. The lesson here is get up a bit early and get here on time!! 5. Don’t come to the studio wasted. Although you may think you perform better after an 18 pack of beer, trust us, you don’t. If your head is in the game is saves you from costlyredos later in the project. Follow these pointers and keep more $$$ in your own pocket